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The History of SWC

Stillwater Women’s Clinic opened on August 1, 1977. For the first year there was only a single physician, Richard Jennings, who completed ob/gyn training at the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine, Tulsa.

The original clinic was new construction in a small building owned by Jack Razook at 1510 W. 8th St. It had 2 physician offices, 5 exam rooms, office, waiting area, laboratory, rest rooms, and approximately 1500 sq ft. Quick Corner Pharmacy run by Charlie Holcomb (Charlie’s Pharmacy) shared the building. Office medical equipment and advice was obtained from John Meyers with Hospital Products in Tulsa. The first nurse was Kimberly Taylor and the first office manager Elvesta Wicks. The next office managers were Cindy Wheatley and Connie Pruitt. Dr. Jennings second nurse was Mary Ellen Wright.

A second physician, Rodney Lyles, MD started work as a partner at SWC on July 24, 1978 after graduation from residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston. His nurse was Barbara Pierce (McDougal) whose father was a family practice physician in Holdenville.
A third physician, J. Randall Rauh, MD joined the practice as a partner on April 1st, 1980. The clinic facility had only room for 2 physicians at any time which necessitated a move to a larger office at 2310 W 7th St. in the Wicklow professional building. Ken Garrett and Stillwater Development Company helped with the design and construction of the office  Dr. Rauh left after approximately one year to practice in Miles City, Montana.

The practice was organized under a corporation, Richard T. Jennings, M.D., Inc. on April 1, 1980.  It is my memory that this is the corporation that transitioned to Stillwater Women’s Clinic, Inc

The lots 1, 2, 3, 24, 25, 26 of Block 8 in the Douglas Edition were purchased for a new office, and after considerable work, the restrictive covenants were lifted on December 27, 1984. Efforts at that time to convince the leadership of Stillwater Medical Center to build office space for physicians was met with no support. The present location of Stillwater Women's Clinic was completed in 1987 as the Stillwater Medical Professional Building. It was one of the first ground source geothermal commercial buildings in Oklahoma.

Dr. Lyles left the practice to begin a reproductive endocrinology and infertility fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in 1984. Dr. Claudia Hardin joined the practice in 1984. She entered a separate practice in Stillwater and eventually left Stillwater for an opportunity in New Mexico.

During the winter and spring of 1985, Dr. Mark Ebert was recruited, who was finishing training at the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine, Tulsa. He started weekends in December of 1984 and full time in July of 1985. The same month, Dr. Jennings left Stillwater and began a fellowship in Aerospace Medicine. After completion, he began a prestigious career with NASA and became the director of Flight Medicine. He and his wife continue to live in the Houston area.

In the fall of 1985, after Dr. Hardin gave birth to her second son, Dr. Thomas Karns helped cover weekends in Stillwater since Dr. Ebert was the only physician in the clinic at the time. He then joined the clinic full time in December of 1985.

In the late 80's, Dr. Dan Baxter joined the clinic for a short time before joining the Warren Clinic.

In 1996 Dr. Robert Harder joined the clinic after completing his training at Baylor in Dallas. His future wife Dr. Kathleen Harder, joined an internal medicine practice the same year. He later accepted a position in a practice in Salem, Oregon beginning in 2011.

Dr. Sheila Goldsworthy completed her residency in 2001 at the the University of Oklahoma in Oklahoma City and joined the group. She accepted a position in a practice in Salem, Oregon and left Stillwater in 2008.

Dr. Glen Henry, the only Stillwater native in the group, completed his tour of duty with the U.S. Navy after completion of his residency at the University of Oklahoma. He then returned to Stillwater to join Stillwater Women's Clinic in 2006.